Call it Spring Arjoan Black Wallets

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Arjoan Black Wallets

We love a good multi-tasker like the Call It Spring Date Purse. Designed as a women's wallet with a laser-cut overlay detail, wrist strap and card and coin slots, the shoulder strap converts it into a hands-free option.

  • SKU :30341302-ARJOAN_BLACK
  • Gender :Women
  • Brand Name :Call it Spring
About: Call it Spring

The ultimate destination for amazing shoes and accessories, Call It Spring is the perfect go-to for today's most coveted trends with equally pretty price-tags. It's the inspiration you feel when putting together a new look, the creativity of flirting with fresh styles. It's about discovery and freedom and making your fashion a show-and-tell for who you are. You call it love, we Call It Spring. You can also shop Call It Spring in 36 stores across the Middle East.

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